Metering System

Option 1:

  • Pay to owner / manager option
  • All electricity collections are paid directly to the owner/ manager’s bank account monthly accompanied by a full statement of electricity purchases

Option 2:

  • Managed account option.
  • Your one stop solution.
  • The utility bill is fully managed by The Meter Shack.
  • The account is optimized for the lowest possible tariff rate.
  • We take full responsibility for the electricity part of the account and the management thereof.
  • All electricity collections are paid directly to the supply authority ensuring there are no shortfalls or over estimations.
  • All billing disputes and council liaison is handled in house by our Tariff and Account Specialists to insure correct billing.

Advantages of the system

  • It is the ultimate utility management tool for Property Managers, Bodies Corporate, Estate Agents, Managing Agents, Residential Estates, Home Owners’ Associations, Property Developers, Electrical Contractors, and Private Property Owners.
  • No more non-payment or late payment of electricity bills, the electricity is paid for in advance.
  • No more billing disputes, electricity is purchased before consuming it, the occupant can very accurately monitor his/her electricity consumption.
  • The average South African household saves up to 30% on electricity costs when converting to prepaid.
  • Ensures that each resident is accountable for his or her own electricity costs.
  • Prepaid electricity entirely eliminates any non-payment issues, which could impact on essential complex funds.
  • No more meter reading costs.
  • No more incorrect readings, estimates or faulty meter issues.
  • Reduced administration-Detailed monthly report generated for each unit.
  • No more admin fees to generate electricity bills.
  • No need to subsidize non-paying owners/tenants.
  • No more collection costs for electricity bills not paid.
  • All our prepaid metering devices carry a lifetime guarantee.
  • It can be used as a very effective bargaining tool for problem tenants not paying levies, rent etc. Problem tenants can be barred from purchasing electricity until demands are met.
  • We have a highly advanced tamper report system, you will know immediately if meters are tampered with.
  • In the event that someone tries to tamper with one of our meters the meter will simply switch off electrical supply to the property.
  • Our support staff is available 24 Hours 7 Days a week.
  • Our pre-paid meters are installed in your complex/estate by one of our qualified technicians.
  • Our pre-paid meters are compatible with all electrical installations and can be retro fitted to any complex, estate, apartment block or any individual property.
  • After installation the occupants can purchase electricity tokens to recharge the prepaid meters.
  • All the revenue is refunded to either the Owner/Manager/Body Corporate or the Utility on a monthly basis.